Treble Choir

Boys & Girls Entering grades 4 and 5

Singers will remain at the audition for the entire hour they are scheduled. During this time they will participate in a mock rehearsal.  At sometime during the rehearsal a director will meet indivdiually with each singer.  At this time the singer will be asked to perform the requirements listed below.  Parents are required to attend a informational meeting about Young Singers while your singer is auditioning.  This allows us to share the commitment necessary to participate in Young Singers.  This will also allow all questions to be answered.

Audition requirements

• Director will check singer’s vocal range and quality.

• Singer will participate in a pitch matching exercise.

• Singer will sight-read a select exercise.  Sight-reading will not be counted against the singer.

• Singer may prepare a simple solo (no pop songs, i.e. Let It Go). If so, please bring the accompaniment cd or the sheet music.  If you bring the sheet music, our director will play for you. 

• If you do not have a prepared solo you may sing “My Country Tis of Thee.” Both the sheet music and the rehearsal and accompaniment mp3 files are provided below.




• My Country Tis of Thee sheet music

• My Country Tis of Thee - with vocals

• My Country Tis of Thee - no vocals

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