Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Young Singers of the Palm Beaches believes that choral music education is a valuable resource in the development of productive participants in our society.  We transform the lives of young singers in our community by breaking down social barriers, developing life skills, providing an outlet for creativity, and fostering good citizenship. 




Musical Goals

Young Singers strives to provide the children of Palm Beach County with the highest possible standards of vocal and musical training. Singers in our program learn all aspects of proper choral singing and vocal technique, which include posture, breathing, diction, vowel articulation, music reading, and sight singing. Members also learn interpretation; music history; rehearsal techniques; and performance techniques, presentation and etiquette.

Developmental Goals

In addition, the children are exposed to the diversity of many cultures thorough music and interaction with each other; and they learn communication, team-building and problem-solving skills. We nurture their creativity which fosters personal growth, self esteem, and an appreciation of music as art; and we promote good citizenship by teaching the importance of "giving back" to our community and by developing civic pride when on tour nationally and internationally. We believe that education and growth in a highly positive, disciplined, and caring environment will nurture and refine the individual's talents, abilities, and passion for music. As each individual singer matures, the entire group will also benefit. This will enable the choir to achieve the highest possible level of performance and excellence as a whole.

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