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Kelly Horan

Baxter Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Kelly Horan joined the Young Singers family 8 years ago as a parent volunteer and became part of the staff in 2019 as an administrative assistant and coordinator for the Baxter Scholars. She hold’s a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College and is a Guidance Counselor for grades K-12. Early in her career, she was a middle school Guidance Counselor and a Social Worker for the Department of Social Services in the Boston area. Mrs. Horan has worked in the Palm Beach County School District as a substitute teacher, parent volunteer and together with her family, have volunteered for the March of Dimes for the past 17 years. She is excited to be back working with and assisting our young adults in their future endeavors. She and her husband, Pete, are the proud parents of three beautiful and talented daughters.

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