Our Choirs

• Grades 2 & 3 • Da Capo Choir:  

Our Da Capo Choir provides singers in grades 2 – 3 an introduction to choral singing.  Emphasis will be placed on proper posture, breathing, tone production, basic solfege, performance etiquette and the tools and techniques necessary to move into a higher-level choir. Students in Da Capo Choir will perform in 2 major concerts a year on the stage of the Kravis. 


• Grades 4 & 5 • Treble Choir:

Our Treble singers are singers in grades 4 – 5 with unchanged voices.  The singers will develop their vocal skills as well as their musicianship and theory skills. They will perform 2 major concerts a year. Most repertoire consists of unison and basic two-part music. 


• Grades 6-8 • Bel Canto:

Bel Canto singers are primarily young ladies and young men with unchanged voices in grades 6 – 8. This choir concentrates on developing proper tone, breath support, intonation and sight-reading skills. The singers perform in two major concerts a year, a few outside performances and their literature is 2 and 3-part music of various styles. 


• Grades 6-8 • Encore:

Encore singers are young ladies and young men in grades 6 – 8 with unchanged voices who are musically advanced. The repertoire will be challenging upper level 2 and 3-part treble music.  This group will perform 2 major concerts a year and numerous outside performance representing Young Singers. 


• Grades 8-12 • Lyric:

Lyric singers are young ladies in grades 8 – 12 who are musically advanced.  The singers should demonstrate strong sight-reading skills as well as advanced level individual singing skills. The repertoire will be challenging SSA and SSAA voicing.  This group will perform in 2 major concerts a year.  This group will also take on additional outside performances.


• Grades 9-12 • Cantate Choir:

Cantate singers are young ladies in grades 9 – 12.  The repertoire performed is SSA and SSAA voicing. This group performs in 2 major concerts a year and performs for community events. Together with the Men's Chorus, they perform SATB music.   


• Grades 7-12 • Men’s Chorus:

Our Men’s Chorus is an all-male choir of young men that perform TB, TTB and TTBB music. Their voices have changed or started to change and this is a safe environment to learn how to deal with the changing voice. The Men perform 2 concerts a year. Together with Cantate, they perform SATB music.

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